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Our Apartments

Type A: Studio Villa Rosalva
from 74,- € - 77,- € per night
Studio with a glass veranda and a view of the complex. Use of the heated pool included.
Type B: Apartment Villa Rosalva
from 94,- € - 97,- € per night
Tastefully furnished apartment with balconies or ground-level terrace and barbecue. Use of the heated pool included.
Type C: Apartment Villa Rosalva
from 100,- € - 103,- € per night
Modern 35m² apartment with private terrace, sea views and private BBQ. Use of the heated pool included.
Type D: Holiday Home Villa Rosalva
from 106,- € - 109,- € per night
Exclusive apartment with stately rooms, dishwasher and sea views. Use of the heated pool included.
Type E: Suite Entree
from 100,- € - 103,- € per night
Elegant apartment with art and antiques, exclusive bathroom and private gazebo. Use of the heated pool included.
Type F: Holiday House Casa Enfrente
from 142,- € - 145,- € per night
Detached house, typical of the country with a large roof terrace, sea view and pergola. Use of the heated pool included.
Type H: Suite Mirador
from 137,- € - 140,- € per night


Are you dreaming of a holiday on the “Island of Eternal Spring” in Tenerife? Far away from mass tourism and over booked hotels? Then the Villa Rosalva is the right place for you.

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Villa Rosalva in Puerto de la Cruz

Have you been dreaming of a vacation on the “Island of Eternal Spring” on Tenerife for a long time? But do you want to avoid mass tourism and the “bed towns” in hotels? Then Villa Rosalva is the perfect place for you! Let your individual vacation in our holiday homes, apartments or apartments become an unforgettable experience. Enjoy the unobtrusive, pleasant service of Villa Rosalva without strict time frames or mandatory etiquette. We offer you relaxing and varied vacation days all year round from three overnight stays.

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Wir freuen uns Sie bald auf Teneriffa begrüßen zu dürfen!